Theoretical sociolinguistics plan: Hausnartu


On the applied side Basque Sociolinguistics is undergoing considerable development; by contrast, however, the work and theoretical development conducted from the statuses of the language is not at the same level. The fact is, on the one hand, the vast majority of agents and researchers in the university spheres do not set their sights on Basque sociolinguistics (apart from the large amount of work that linguists are conducting on the corpus); on the other hand, institutional policy and popular Basque language activity are totally immersed in intervention plans and projects, far removed from theoretical activity. This is clearly reflected in the content of most of the articles published in the BAT Sociolinguistics journal, because they do little more than describe the social situation of the Basque language from a variety of perspectives. Indeed, there are few articles that tackle theoretical and empirical work simultaneously and there are few attempts that go beyond the mere description of events. Nevertheless, many spheres of science, and the social sciences in particular, can undoubtedly make a big contribution towards Basque sociolinguistics. This is especially true, if one bears in mind that there are many qualified Basque professionals in this field of science. A question remains: if the field of Basque sociolinguistics is to take firm, productive steps forward, it is crucial for it to develop this field in depth with the help of scientific knowledge. So we believe we have to seek out and encourage social science professionals who can put their scientific knowledge and experience to use in the field of Basque sociolinguistics. This project has in fact been set up with this aim in mind.