Training: Sociolinguistics Sessions in the summer courses run by the UEU (Basque Summer University) and the EHU (University


“Fresh challenges in the use of Basque” (Summer courses run by the UEU) Over the last twenty years the advances made in the level of knowledge of Basque in the ACBC-Autonomous Community of the Basque Country have been considerable. After working on the knowledge of the language, the next main aim of language planning is the use of the language. Indeed, it is frequently said that the use of Basque is one of the main concerns in the Basque normalisation process, because the type and extent of use are the main indication of the level of normalisation. In the coming years Basque will be facing fresh challenges for its use. That being the case, the main aims of these sessiona will be to present the many projects made in connection with use, and to reflect on the future. For this purpose, we will firstly be working on the theoretical bases from the sociolinguistic, sociological and psychological points of view. Secondly, we will be working on the practical side, by presenting practical experiences on the management and planning of use. In this course the use of Basque in more than one sphere will be studied: use by young people, use in the work place and planning for the use of Basque.