Symposia on language measurement methodology


The Sociolinguistics Cluster is planning to organise symposia on language planning methodology in order to complement the training of officers whose work has to do with linguistic normalisation and language planning. During these symposia two new theories and applications on language planning will be presented. These two theories and applications are the Bilinguality Test (EBT) and the Street Measurement of Basque Use. Even though the latter are better known, the intention is to present the fruitfulness of the research conducted in conjunction with the Bilinguality Test. The EBT is a psychometric test and serves to measure young people’s use of Basque and the balance between languages. This test will make it possible to determine what lexis young people use and which of the two languages is richer and more normalised. So these symposia will be focusing especially on the tools designed to increase language use and the tools for diagnosing the sociolinguistic situation. What in fact will be presented will be the theoretical side of the Bilinguality Test (EBT) and the results of its application.