Training Courses on Basque Use and Transmission


On May 26 a course on the transmission and uses of Basque took place in the Main Hall of the headquarters of the Government of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country. It was organised by the Sub-Ministry for Language Policy of the Government’s Department of Culture, and the Sociolinguistics Cluster. In the process to revive the Basque language the weight of new or non-native Basque speakers is increasing, the immigration rate is growing inexorably and the structure of the family is undergoing radical change. All this has prompted the need to get a detailed picture of the future of Basque and, in particular, to understand how transmission takes place through families; at the same time it entails the need to establish the tasks of the social spheres that play a role in this process. This course on the use and transmission of Basque was in fact organised with the intention towards taking a step towards achieving this objective.