"Cluster" setup

Why a “Cluster” setup? What does it consist of?

As the title of the SYMPOSIUM itself indicates, the original intention was to create an Institute. Throughout the designing of the project the possibility of setting up a Clusterwas looked into and was adopted during the «SIKeraiki» Working Conference held in Zamudio (Bizkaia) in November 2001.

Klusterra taldekatze bat da, esparru jakin batean elkarren artean nolabaiteko lotura, harremana, edo interes partekatua duten entitateen, enpresen, eta instituzioen arteko taldekatzea. Klust The cluster system is mainly used in the industrial sector. The concept was brought here by Michael Porter and clusters operate in many areas. Our main reference has been the Knowledge Cluster.

The cluster is a grouping of entities, companies or institutions that have a kind of link or relationship with each other in a specific field, or a shared interest. The Cluster seeks new kinds of cooperation, although it accepts competition among its members, in order to enhance the dynamics of the field and respond to the projects which they are unable to respond to individually. The complementarity and common interests of members create a value that is greater than the mere sum of the parts; Clusters create synergies.

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