Promoter Members vs. User Members

Differences between Promoter and User Members

The following has been approved by the Cluster’s Governing Board:




Governing Board

Fully entitled to participate in the Governing Board.

One delegate represents all the users on the Governing Board.

Project Teams

Priority for participating in the projects

Restricted rights for participating in project teams at the discretion of the Governing Board.


The chance to access full information through the Web site’s intranet and through other channels of information.

The chance to access limited information.

Criteria for aspiring members to join:

  • New members of the Cluster are PROMOTER members.
  • Organisations with a small structure or which lack economic resources can become USER members. They are not subject to the regulations
  • Those organisations wishing to be USERS have to make a specific request and justify it. The Governing Board will decide whether to accept the request or not.
  • New members can choose to become members as USERS during the first year. Once the year has elapsed, they become PROMOTERS.
  • Private individuals who are members are users.
  • Individuals in the project teams: if they are not members of an organisation that belongs to the cluster, they will be required to be user members at least.
  • The language criteria concerning the use of Basque in the organisation in question will be taken into consideration when accepting new members.