Types of Members

TYPES OF MEMBERSHIP: in the Sociolinguistics Cluster we draw a distinction between two types of members:

  • • Promoter Members (or full members)
  • • User Members

According to the statutes, all members have the same rights and obligations according to the law. But there are differences between the two types with respect to running the Cluster, participating in the projects and taking decisions in it:

- User Members These are members who pay a symbolic fee to participate in the Cluster’s work. Their participation in the projects run by the Cluster is restricted, as is their representation on the Governing Board (there is one delegate for all the User Members). On an information level, too, they generally receive direct information from the Cluster (concerning the institution), but as far as the projects are concerned, they are not entitled to receive all the information: this distinction is decided on a project-by-project basis.

- Promoter Members, on the other hand, pay the full fee to participate in the Cluster. They are fully entitled to sit on the Governing Board and are given priority to take part in the Cluster’s projects. On an information level, too, they can access all the information produced in the projects through the web site’s intranet as well as through other sources.