“Euskaini” development


“Euskaini” is the indicator that measures how much is offered in Basque in a town. What is measured is the public offer, in other words, the extent of the language offer to be found in different sectors of society (administration, economy, mass media, etc.). It is expressed in specific indices. It provides us with a kind of photo of what is offered in Basque; it is exact, lends itself to comparison and is a useful source of information in language planning and monitoring on a municipal level, in particular. It provides an opportunity to compare, overall and by sector, what is offered in each municipality, and to examine its evolution. In recent years Euskaini measurements have been taken in Azpeitia, Laudio, Arrasate, Durango and Hernani and the latest one in the municipalities of Lezo, Pasaia and Oiartzun in Oarsoaldea. The data are processed by means of a specially-designed computer application.