University of Nevada, Reno

Faculty and Staff


Program Assistant / Office Manager: Kathleen Camino, M.A., French

Part-time Faculty / Webmaster: Lisa Corcostegui, Ph.D., Basque Studies (Anthropology)


William Douglass Distinguished Scholar: Santiago de Pablo, Ph.D., Modern History

Professor Emeritus: William A. Douglass, Ph.D., Anthropology

Editorial Board Member: Eric Herzik, Ph.D. Political Science

Assistant Professor: Xabier Irujo, Ph.D., History

Professor Emeritus: William H. Jacobsen, Ph.D., Linguistics

Independent scholar: Jose Mallea, Ph.D., Basque Studies (History)


Publication coordinator: Daniel Montero, M.A., Spanish Literature

Assistant Professor: Maria Jose Olaciregui, Ph.D., Basque Literature

Associate Professor, Co-Director: Sandra Ott, D. Phil., Social Anthropology

Associate Professor: Carmelo Urza, Ph.D., Spanish Literature

Professor Emeritus: Linda White, Ph.D., Basque Language and Literature

Professor, Co-Director: Joseba Zulaika, Ph.D., Anthropology

Graduate Students


Marian Vaczi, Hungary
Magda Czajkowska, Poland



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