KatximorroThe figure, Katximorro (left), is a key figure in the celebration of San Juan in Laguardia, Araba.   He is responsible for maintaining order as dancers move through the crowds, but he also teases onlookers and frightens children by swinging a rabbit skin stuffed with straw, sometimes hitting them. 

In the past the Katximorro wore a mask, but this is no longer part of the tradition as it is practiced in Laguardia today.

Dancers clothed in white costumes (with red-trimmed ruffles at the edges of the boys' and pink-trimmed on the girls'), dance in two lines in honor of Our Lady of Pilar and Saint John.  After making their way through the streets, the dancers finally enter the church, still dancing, followed by the townspeople. 

According to legend, Doña Blanca of Nafarroa gave the village of Laguardia its own flag following the Battle of the Navas de Tolosa.  The inhabitants were overjoyed and went dancing in procession to the local parish where they offered it to Our Lady of Pilar (Arizmendi 1976:433-437).

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