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txatxotxatxoThe village of Lantz in Nafarroa has become famous for its ihauteriak (carnival) celebration.   The popular zortziko danced in the plaza is a favorite throughout the Basque Country and even in the Basque communities of the American West.

The central figure of the ihauteriak is a stuffed giant named Miel Otxin. After being paraded around the entire village surrounded by dancers disguised as txatxoak (right and left) he is burned at the end of the festivities. 

Other characters of Lantzeko Ihauteriak are Ziripot, Zaldiko, and Perratzaleak.

perratzaleak Miel Otxin - Lantzeko Ihauteriak 2000 zaldiko, ziripot, musicians, etc.

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