scapular front - Zenbat Gara Lesaka Scapular Back - Zenbat Gara

Lesaka - Zenbat GaraLesaka celebrates the feast day of San Fermin on July 7th.  Dancers wear the image of this saint on handmade scapulars (above).   After 11:00 a.m. mass, the dancers and musicians move in procession from the church of Saint Martin down to the Onin river doing Makil Gurutzea.  Although danced with long sticks, this dance is often categorized as an ezpata dantza or sword dance.

Linked to one another by sticks, the participants perform the dance Ziarkakoa as an offering to San Fermin.  

The medieval flag of the municipality is "danced" over the river to a melody called Tantirumairu.

Once at the River Onin, they begin to dance up andzintzarria/bell pad - Zenbat Gara down its retaining walls in a dance called Zubigainekoa, while a captain dances on the bridge. According to local legend, this dance celebrates a fifteenth-century peace pact between the rival neighborhoods of Pikuzelaia and Legarrea in Lesaka.

In the afternoon Zantzo-Monona is performed in the plaza, as well as the Neska Dantza, which includes women, and Aurresku.

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