Bizkaiako tresnak

Lekeitio - Zenbat GaraThe fishing village of Lekeitio celebrates the feast of Saint Peter on June 29 by performing two unique dances. 

The Kaxarranka is performed by one man on top of a wooden trunk held at shoulder height by several men some of whom also carry oars.  The dancer carries a small flag with an icon of the keys of Saint Peter.   The trunk holds documents from the fishing guild.  It is said that until 1690 the dancer was dressed in papal garb to represent Saint Peter.  

In the afternoon the young women of Lekeitio do Eguzki Dantza, a soka dantza.  This genre of dance was used in the Basque Country to represent, and perhaps bring about, social solidarity.  The soka dantza is performed by men in most other locations.  The first and last dancer in the line dance alone at certain times.  After circling the plaza several times, men from the spectators are incorporated into their line.  The Eguzki Dantza ends with a Jota and Porrusalda.


Eguzki Dantza

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