Erronkari - Zenbat Gara Erronkari lies at the eastern edge of Nafarroa and borders the Spanish region of Aragon.  The costumes from this region also bear great resemblance to those of their Aragonese neighbors.  This type of Basque clothing is what Urbeltz refers to the Mediterranean Basque style, as opposed to the Atlantic Basque style.  It iszinta gorria characterized by elegant details and much more jewelry than is seen elsewhere in the Basque Country.  The women wear two skirts, the top one is brought up to the waist in front and fastened in the back with a piece of jewelry called the amabitxia (which translates as godmother).  At the neck another elaborate brooch, is worn attached to a velvet choker.  Several strands of beads, elongated earrings and an embroidered ribbon at the end of a braid complete the woman's costume.

The men wear two sets of breeches, the outside ones in black with slitsZenbat Gara performing Ttun Ttun in Winnemucca 1993 on the sides.  At the waist, instead of a belt they wear a gerriko or sash.  In Erronkari, however, this is purple and worn wider than in other Basque locations.

The most characteristic dances of Erronkari are Ttun Ttun from Isaba and Pañuelo Dantza from Uztarrotz. These dances are generally combined.  Ttun Ttun is performed with castanets while Pañuelo Dantza makes use of handkerchiefs.

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