Zuberoa XVIII century - Zenbat GaraIn Zuberoa we find some of the Basque Country's most interesting ritual dance in the form of the maskaradak.  The dances from this Basque carnival celebration are well known.  To see the ritual dances from Zuberoa click here.

Another kind of dance also exists in Zuberoa, however.  This dance is participatory in nature.   The costumes at the left, which date to the late eighteenth century, are used for performance of this type of dance.  The woman wears the characteristic capulet as a head-covering and both the capulet and jacket are adorned with richly textured brocade fabrics.  As in Erronkari, two skirts are worn; the top one drawn up and fastened in the back.

The participatory dances from Zuberoa include kontra dantzak or quadrilles, danced in groups of couples, dantza jokoak or game dances such as Zuberoako Makil Dantzak, and branlea. 

Zuberoako kontra dantza
Zenbat Gara performing 
a kontra dantza 1994

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