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Financial Aid and Graduate Assistantships


Students interested in financial assistance are urged to review the financial aid section of the current General Catalog of the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). Students at UNR are eligible to receive GSLs, NDSLs (student loans) and certain scholarships. The Center for Basque Studies (CBS) has two graduate assistantships. Successful applicants are selected by the CBS Admissions and Policy Board, although the assistantships are funded by UNR. Each assistantship has a stipend of $14,000 in 2006-2007 (including health insurance but before taxes are deducted) and entails a ten-month employment contract with UNR. Graduate assistants are exempt from out-of-state tuition fees, and also receive a substantial fee waiver for courses. For 2006-2007, the state pays $119.93 for each credit, and the student must therefore pay $33.82 per credit. In addition, international students who receive an assistantship must pay certain compulsory fees for services such as counseling, access to the health center, and OISS fees.

Graduate Assistants must be enrolled in at least 6 graduate-level credits per semester. In the Center for Basque Studies, graduate assistants work 20 hours per week on designated projects, or with individual professors in research. Duties include routine clerical work (such as photocopying, preparing information packs for conferences and the Center’s Advisory Board) and assisting faculty with certain research-related projects (such as preparing indexes, scanning documents and photographs, preparing Power point presentations). Students who have received special teaching skills training through the Excellence in Teaching Program may be asked to work as Teaching Assistants and may help CBS professors with their work, such as grading papers.


On a competitive basis, the Graduate Student Association (GSA) offers International Awards to international graduate students currently enrolled at UNR. The GSA also invites applications for travel grants (up to $500) for conferences, research grants of up to $2,500, computer loans of up to $1,500, and emergency loans from $500. Students must apply and be selected for these awards.



The Center for Basque Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno is the leading academic and research institution for Basque Studies in the United States. The University has one of the world’s best library collections of Basque-related materials (currently 55,000 volumes) outside the Basque Country. Faculty and visiting scholars at the Center for Basque Studies undertake original research in a range of disciplines and are active in international, as well as national networks of scholarship. The Center has seven of its own book series, edited by faculty members.


Faculty members


Xabier Irujo
Sandra Ott
Carmelo Urza (Director of the University Studies Abroad    Consortium and not a Ph.D. faculty mentor)
Joseba Zulaika (Director)


Emeritus faculty:

William A. Douglass
Linda White


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