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Basque Studies Courses


BASQ 605–606 Basque Conversation and Composition, 3 credits each.

Syntax and idiomatic usage in spoken and written Basque. Concentration on verb forms. Prerequisite to BASQ 605 is BASQ 204.

BASQ / HIST 630 Basque History (until 1700), 3 credits.
A political, social, and economic survey of the pre-modern (until 1700) “First Family of Europe,” the Basques of Spain and France and their unique ethnic status.

BASQ / HIST 631 Modern Basque History (1700 to the present), 3 credits.
Social and political history of the Basque Country from the eighteenth century to the present; situates Basque history within major theories of nationalism.

BASQ 651 Basque Literature, 3 credits.
Literature of the Basques in Basque, French, and Spanish. Readings in English translation. Course conducted in English.

BASQ 652 Bernardo Atxaga, 3 credits
Reading and analysis of Basque writer Bernardo Atxaga's work in connection with world and Basque literary tradition.

BASQ 655 / ANTH 684 Basque Linguistics, 3 credits.
Structure of the Basque language, suggested relationships to other languages, historical development; dialectology; survey of research problems.

BASQ 656 / ANTH 612  / FLL 656 Basque Language, Society, and Culture, 3 credits.
Examines social and cultural aspects of the Basque language. Includes language shift, contact, planning, and interrelationships among language and gender, ethnicity, and culture.

BASQ 660 Topics in Basque Cultural Studies, 1–3 credits.
Topics vary from semester to semester. Max. of 6 credits.

BASQ 661 Basque Gender Studies, 3 credits
Analysis of gender in the Basque context, past and present, in its domestic, economic, and political dimensions, and in the construction of socio-cultural identities.

BASQ 662 Cyberculture: A Basque Global Information Diaspora, 3 credits
Basque technological experience in its economic, social, and cultural contexts, as a nation with a large diaspora.

BASQ 665 Basque Economy from Industrialization to Globalization, 3 credits.
Provides an in-depth perspective of the Basque economy, from its historical roots in industrialization to the present institutions, infrastructures, and sectors that configure it.

BASQ 666 R / ANTH 613 R / ART 666 Museums, Architecture, City Renewal: The Bilbao Guggenheim, 3 credits.
Introduction to the complex architectural, museistic, local/global, artistic, political and epistemological issues presented by the first global museum in its first franchise.

BASQ / HIST 667 Basques in Contemporary European Culture, 3 credits.
The transformations of Basque social and political institutions brought about by the ongoing process of supranational Europeanization, as reflected in youth movements, literature, and popular culture.

BASQ 671 / ANTH 614 R Basque Culture, 3 credits.
Survey of the culture of the Basque people of Europe, including occupations, cultural institutions, oral traditions, and art, as well as their transformations in emigrant settings such as the American West.

BASQ 672 / ANTH 615 R / PSC 607L Basque Diaspora Studies, 3 credits.
Ethnic identity maintenance is compared in the Basque diaspora with special attention to the factors of migration, globalization, ethno-nationalism, gender, generation, and Basque government relations.

BASQ 673 Basque Cinema: An Introduction, 3 credits.
Examines Basque cinema both as an artistic practice and as a social text, and explores some of Euskadi's most significant cultural, historical, and political elements. Prerequisite: instructor permission.

BASQ / ANTH 677 War, Occupation & Memory in the Basque Country, 3 credits.
The experiences of Basque resisters, evaders, collaborators, and Jewish refugees in World War II in the French Basque Country provide the focus for discussions about history, memory and anthropology.

BASQ 680 Consuming Culture: Food, Gastronomy, and Lifestyles, 3 credits.
Examines new and traditional Basque cuisine and its adaptations abroad (especially in the American West). Includes significance of food-centered activities to gender relations.

BASQ 682 / ANTH 616 / ART 682 Oteiza, Chillida: Basque Modernist Art, 3 credits.
Contemporary Basque art will be situated in relation to major European artistic movements, native culture and society, and comparative ethnographic art from other cultures.

BASQ 699 Individual Research in Basque Cultural Studies, 3 credits.

BASQ 793 Basque Independent Study, up to 3 credits.

BASQ 795 Comprehensive Examination, 1 credit (S/U only).

BASQ 799 Dissertation, up to 24 credits.

HIST 697 Independent Study in History when offered as: Basque and Iberian History, or equivalent, 3 credits.

PSC 680A Independent Study in Political Science when offered as: Political Institutions of the Basques, Spain, and Europe, or equivalent, 3 credits.



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