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Carmelo UrzaCarmelo Urza


Director, University Studies Abroad Consortium

Carmelo Urza has served as Director of the University Studies Abroad Consortium (formerly Studies Abroad in the Basque Country) since 1982.




Ph.D. in Spanish Language and Literature, University of Iowa, Iowa City.


Selected Publications


“The Age of Institutions: Basques in the U.S.,” Community in the American West, Vol. 21, 1999, pp.231-252.

“Euskal Pilotaren Historia Ameriketan” Jakin, vol. 88, May 1995, pp. 25-43.

“The History of Basque Pelota in the Americas,” Journal of the Society of Basque Studies in America, vol. XV, 1995, pp. 1-16.

Historia de la pelota vasca en las Americas, Donostia: Elkar, 1994.

Solitude: Symbolism in The National Basque Monument, Reno: University of Nevada Press, 1993.



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