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Published by the Center for Basque Studies. To order contact the Center for Basque Studies (775.784.4854) or you may request titles from any major book dealer, who will obtain them on order if they are not in stock.

Basque CultureBasque Culture: Anthropological Perspectives
by William A. Douglass and Joseba Zulaika

The present volume is a textbook regarding Basque Anthropology intended for use in both the classroom and in on-line instruction.  Co-authors William A. Douglass and Joseba Zulaika are both social anthropologists and each has served as director of the Center for Basque Studies of the University of Nevada, Reno.  They have co-published on occasion.  Basque Anthropology: Anthropological Perspectives incorporates the class notes (and additional materials) of the two authors, compiled over several decades.  The intent is to present an overview of Basque prehistory, linguistics, and physical and social/cultural anthropology, illustrated in part by their personal experiences as anthropological fieldworkers and Basque scholars.

535 pp., photos, index; paper (ISBN 978-1-877802-64-5) $19.95; hardcover (ISBN 978-1-877802-65-2, $29.95).



Modern Basque HistoryModern Basque History, Eighteenth Century to the Present
by Cameron Watson

Social and political history of the Basque Country from the eighteenth century to the present. The most important political, social, and cultural developments within the entire Basque Country are highlighted, while situating this history within broader European trends and theories of nationalism.
540 pages. Paper (ISBN 1-877802-16-6), $19.95; hardcover (ISBN 1-877802-17-4), $29.95; CD $4.95. Preview on Google Books.



GuggenheimGuggenheim Bilbao Museoa: Museums, Architecture, and City Renewal
by Joseba Zulaika

Explores the role of arts, architecture, museums and cultural industries in regenerating urban centers. Study of Bilbao’s fin de millennium and the interdependencies between museum culture, the international art market, spectacular architecture, tourism and more.
240 pages. Paper (ISBN 1-877802-06-9), $14.95; hardcover (ISBN 1-877802-07-7) $24.95; CD $4.95. Preview on Google Books.

EconomyBasque Economy from Industrialization to Globalization
by Mikel Gómez Uranga

Provides an in-depth perspective of the Basque economy, from its historical roots in industrialization to the present institutions, infrastructures, and sectors that configure it.
276 pages. Paper (ISBN 1-877802-10-7), $14.95; hardcover (ISBN 1-877802-11-5), $24.95; CD $4.95. Preview on Google books.


CybercultureBasque Cyberculture: From Digital Euskadi to CyberEuskalherria
by Andoni Alonso and Iñaki Arzoz

Basque technological experience in its economic, social, and cultural contexts, as a nation with a large diaspora.
188 pages. Paper (ISBN 1-877802-13-1), $14.95; hardcover (ISBN 1-877802-14-X), $24.95; CD $4.95. Preview on Google Books.




CinemaBasque Cinema
by Jaume Martí-Olivella

The first comprehensive textbook in English for the study of Basque film. Covers the cultural, historical, and political background of the Basque Country and its cinematic representation.
150 pages. Paper (ISBN 1-877802-19-0), $14.95; hardcover (ISBN 1-877802-20-4), $24.95; CD $4.95.



DiasporaBasque Diaspora: Migration and Transnational Identity
by Gloria Totoricagüena

Introduces the historical, sociological, political, and economic factors which led to Basque migration to over twenty countries. Includes data results from years of fieldwork regarding Basque identity and cultural maintenance.
648 pages. Paper (ISBN 1-877802-45-X), $19.95; hardcover (ISBN 1-877802-46-8), $24.95; CD $4.95. Preview on Google Books.

SociolinguisticsBasque Sociolinguistics: Language, Society, and Culture
by Estibaliz Amorrortu

Will Basque survive throughout the twenty-first century? How important is the language in a definition of Basque identity? An overview of the social and cultural aspects of the Basque language, its role in Basque politics and cultural practices, and the influence of social forces on the language.
234 pages. Paper (ISBN 1-877802-22-0), $14.95; hardcover (ISBN 1-877802-23-9), $24.95; CD $4.95. Preview on Google Books.

GenderBasque Gender Studies
by Margaret Bullen

Bullen’s work begins with an overview of gender theory, then views the Basque case. Covers women as agents of cultural transmission; women within the nationalist movement; and women in the diaspora.
2004. 332 pages. Paper (ISBN 1-877802-31-X), $14.95; hardcover (ISBN 1-877802-32-8), $24.95; CD $4.95. Preview on google Books.


Waking the HedgehogWaking the Hedgehog: The Literary World of Bernardo Atxaga
by Mari Jose Olaziregi

An analysis of the writings of Atxaga, inspired by his image of the Basque language as a hedgehog that has survived by withdrawing, but that has now emerged—preeminently in the work of this most international of Basque authors.
2005. xxx pages. Paper (ISBN 1-877802-28-X), $14.95; hardcover (ISBN 1-877802-29-8), $24.95; CD $4.95. Preview on Google Books.

SociologyBasque Society: Structures, Institutions, and Contemporary Life
Centro de Estudios sobre la Identidad Colectiva; edited by Gabriel Gatti, Ignacio Irazuzta, and Iñaki Martínez de Albeniz; translated by Cameron J. Watson.

An overview of the social, political, and cultural reality of the Basque Country. The twelve authors describe the social structure, analyze the institutional structure that maintains Basque identity, and examine the principal processes of change in contemporary Basque society.

2005. 334 pages. Hardcover (ISBN 1-877802-26-3), $24.95; paper (ISBN 1-877802-25-5), $14.95; CD $4.95. Preview on google Books.

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