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Tips for Visitors to the Center for Basque Studies / Basque Studies Library

Here are a few tips to help make your visit easier.

Computer Facilities

Visiting scholars may apply for the use of computer facilities on campus. A computer lab is conveniently located on the first floor of our building, the Knowledge Center. Other computers are also scattered throughout the Knowledge Center. These computers have Internet access and can be used for electronic mail, as well as for word processing.

There are a limited number of Internet data ports available in the Basque Library and Center for Basque Studies offices. If you plan to bring a laptop computer with you, we will try to accommodate you with an Internet hookup so you can read e-mail on your own machine. In order to utilize the University’s hookups, you will need a network card (a PC-MCIA 10/100 network card, such as the 3-COMM Fast Etherlink model 3C574TX) for your computer, and a converter cord and plug that will allow your machine to run on U.S. electrical current. These accessories may be brought with you or they can be purchased once you arrive in Reno. We do not have telephone lines available for use with modems.


Since Reno is a popular tourist destination, there are many hotels and motels in the area for short-term stays. However, because of its popularity, reservations should be made well in advance. The first week in August is especially difficult because Reno has a major festival at that time and lodging is almost impossible to find. Please plan your visit to occur before or after those dates, or plan to travel to another area during that time. For longer stays, there are a few places that offer weekly rates, but apartments are generally not available (especially a furnished one) for a period of less than 6 months, unless you pay a premium. It may be possible to find a room in a shared student apartment.

Some lodging recommendations:

Truckee River Lodge: 501 W. First St. / 775.786.8888 / reservations 800.635.8950 (about a mile from campus).

Twins or double: $45-70/night; Queen: $55-85/night (higher rates are for weekends, holidays); weekly and monthly rates available. Suites (1 or 2 bedroom) and apartments also available. Rooms have kitchenettes, TV & phones. Bike rentals, cafe, laundry room on premises. THIS IS A NON-SMOKING HOTEL.

Credit card required to hold your reservation. Rates quoted include 13.5% room tax; rates are subject to change at any time.

Information on Reno and other lodging options can be found on this Reno/Tahoe Visitors Guide site.

Climate Changes

The climate in Reno is very dry, especially in summer, which sometimes causes minor problems for visitors coming from a more humid area. You might want to bring some nose drops or saline solution to prevent nosebleeds, which are occasionally experienced by recent visitors. It is also necessary to drink more water here than you normally might; 2.5 quarts (2.5 liters) a day is the recommended minimum.

Also, Reno’s high altitude (about 4,500 feet or 1,500 meters) can cause fatigue for the first week or so while you adjust to it.



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