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Frequently Asked Questions IV
Basque Genealogy and Heraldry

Is my surname Basque? What does my surname mean?

You can check a possibly Basque surname on the Web on the  Heráldica Vasca site. The information used was gleaned from Diccionario Onomástico y Heráldico Vasco by Jaime de Querexeta, and is in the Spanish language. If the name does not appear there, you may e-mail us at and we’ll check our library sources.

Where can I find information about my Basque ancestors?
While the Basque Library has a few archives containing information on specific families, we do not have a large amount of genealogical information. The most comprehensive resource for this type of information is probably the Family History Archives that are maintained by the Mormon church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). These extensive archives are available to the general public and may be accessed at local Family History Centers throughout the country. Please contact a local branch of the church for information on this service, or access their Internet site at and click on the Family History Resources link.

If you have genealogical information on your Basque family that you would like to share with other researchers, please consider placing a copy with the Basque Library as we will be glad to archive the information and make it accessible.



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