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Frequently Asked Questions III
About the Center

What is the Center for Basque Studies and how did it get started?


The Center for Basque Studies (formerly called the Basque Studies Program) was initiated by the University of Nevada System’s Desert Research Institute. They had determined that one of their research priorities in studying the ecology of the Great Basin should be the Basque people, whose presence in Nevada as sheepherders made them a key human factor in the region. In 1967, they hired anthropologist William A. Douglass to launch and coordinate the Program. The name was changed to Center for Basque Studies in 2000, after a Program Review of the BSP was conducted, as the new name more clearly reflects our research mission. More history of the Center for Basque Studies...

How can I subscribe to the Center for Basque Studies Newsletter?


Our newsletter will be posted on our Web site twice each year, in fall and spring, and a hard copy will also be mailed to any interested person.

For a FREE subscription to the Center for Basque Studies Newsletter, please send us your name and address. We will add you to our mailing list. If you prefer to fetch the electronic version from our site, please include your e-mail address. We can then let you know when each issue has been uploaded.

How can I apply for a travel stipend to conduct research in the Basque Studies Library in Reno?

The Center for Basque Studies offers a few travel stipends each summer to assist researchers to come to Reno to use the Basque Studies Library for their projects. For further information on the stipends and application process, please go to the Visitors – Grants page.

What are the visa requirements for visitors coming from outside the United States?

The visa requirements vary depending on where you are coming from and the length and purpose of your visit. Full information appears on this site on the Visitors - Visa Information page. For visitors from Spain, there is a site for the U.S. Embassy in Madrid that gives even more information.



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