University of Nevada, Reno

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Samuel A. Armistead
of UCDavis was a co-organizer of the conference.


Old Songs, New Theories: A Symposium on
Oral Improvisational Poetry

May 16 and 17 — Reno/Sparks, Nevada.
Sponsored by the Bernard and Lucie Marie Bidart Fund

[photos: Gloria Totoricagüena and Jill Berner]

   Three renowned bertsolaris from Euskadi presented papers at
    the conference, and also performed for the group at dinner.
    (From left:) Jon Sarasua (Univ. of Mondragon), Joxerra Garzia
    (UPV) and Andoni Egaña (UPV).


    Israel Katz (left; UC Santa Cruz and Davis) and John Foley
     (Univ. of Missouri–Columbia) converse during a break.
    (From left:) Joseba Zulaika, Renata Fernandez, James
     Fernandez (Univ. of Chicago).
Participants enjoyed a Friday night dinner at Placido restaurant, where the 
evening ended with Basque songs and some bertsos performed by our guests to
the accompaniment of accordion played by Mike Bidart.
  Diners join in with two bertsolaris
(standing at right), Jon Sarasua and
Andoni Egaña.
(Above left:) Sam Armistead looks on at singers Martin Goikoetxea, Joxerra Garzia, 
Xabier Paia, and Mike (playing accordion) and Jeanette Bidart.
(Right photo:) Martin Goikoetxea and Xabier Paia perform bertsos for the group.
   Joseba Zulaika (left) and Israel Katz.


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