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Basque Studies Library becomes official Basque film archive site
In June 2001, the Basque Studies Library negotiated an agreement with the Filmoteca Vasca, the film archive of the Basque Autonomous Region, to become a North American repository for Basque films. In this capacity we will house copies of cinematic works of Basque authorship, as well as publications relating to the history of Basque cinema. The Library will be permitted to convert the films to the U.S. format for on-site viewing by researchers and students, and also for screenings for educational purposes, such as classes and conferences.

The first shipment of materials will include many documentaries as well as 19 feature-length films, including copies of Vacas and Salto al Vacío, two award-winning works that were shown in Reno during the summer 2000 Artown festival.

The agreement was signed by Martín Ibarbia, head of the Filmoteca Vasca, and by Steven Zink, Dean of UNR Libraries, which is providing funding for this valuable archive.

Basque Cinema class
Basque cinema was highlighted at the Center for Basque Studies during the summer of 2000, when our Basque Cinema class was introduced. Taught by Jaume Martí-Olivella of the State University of New York–Albany, where he teaches Peninsular literatures and Hispanic film, the six-week class gave an overview of Basque films to provide students with an understanding of what Martí-Olivella refers to as “…one of the most interesting and challenging micro-cinemas of Europe.” Please see our newsletter archives from Summer 2000 to read about the class and the films shown.

The class will also be offered soon as an online course in our Basque Cultural Studies series.


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