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Mary Erramouspe-Cook
Marcelino Ugalde
Surprise Valley, California

No Photo Available   Mary Erramouspe-Cook

Mary Erramouspe-Cook has been living in Surprise Valley for her whole life, where her father was a sheepherder and her parents were strong members of the community.  

In this interview, Mary discusses many aspects of this community in Northern California, including: her parents lives and how they arrived there, the sheepherding business in the region and the men who made it their life's work, the church and its significance and history, the Taylor Grazing Act and its effects, her father's politics and Mary herself.

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Hear Interview (Audio Files in English)
Mary's Parents, How They Met (8:47)
Where Her Parents Were From (9:38)
Her Father's Sheepherding Business (9:31)
Mary's Education, Its Importance (5:07)
Religious Institutions in Surprise Valley (6:07)
The Great Depression, Her Father's Politics (6:00)

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