Chronicler: Mariana Etchart

Interviewer: Gretchen Holbert

Location: Eden Valley, Winnemucca, NV

Date: 6.30.86

Track 1

Duration: 00:30:45

Language: English


Indexes, translations and sound byte files by Pedro J. Oiarzabal


00:00:25           She began remembering the boarding rooms for Basque people that were closed to the Nevada Pool Hall. Wealthy Basques, Charlie Gartes and his son Frank owned a men’s store and a rancho. She talks about Frank and his ranch of ponies.

00:02:55           She remembers also Tia Salvadora’s brick house at 4th Street.

00:04:40           When Tia Salvadora got sick she was look after by Cristina, Alex, Frank and Charlie Gartes. That was in the 1940s.

00:05:35           Charlie had nine children: Tina, Tony, Frank, Tom, Steve, Charlie…

00:06:22           Talking about Gracian and Johnny Iribarne.

00:06:38           She talks about how she used to go with her husband to Winnemucca dances. Paco Idiart used to play accordion. The husbands played handball and afterwards there was dinner and dance. Children played between them.

00:08:58           She tells how women were not allowed to enter into bars, there was a room for them, while children played at the staircases. She remembers, Rosinda married to Steve Martinez. He has a brother called Timoteo. She also talks about Frank Asquibel and his twin brother.

00:11:34           When the ladies went to Winnemucca, they used to drink chocolate, or anisette with the coffee. They also had Basque dances contexts in the dinning room. They danced as well in the Bush Hotel, owned by Jerome Etchegoien.

00:13:05           Noel Anchart had a bakery and he was a good ball player. Men also played every afternoon mus, and solo. Some Basque families met together for some chestnuts and some wine made by them.

00:15:40           She tells about the good life in the old times between generations and between America and the Basque Country.

00:17:59           She talks about her husband. He was not ambitious but very lucky having a good family and good work.

00:19:00           Her husband brought many young male Basques from both sides of the border to work for him as sheepherders. He paid for their passages and afterwards the boys will pay him back. He remembers Blanco from Luzaide who worked for the family for thirty years. Her husband used to help these boys with the language and with their citizenship, as he spoke Spanish, French, English and Basque. He read many books. He came when he was 18 years old.

00:21:44           She talks about her life in France before she came into the US.

00:22:15           She remembers the Basque Country.

00:23:59           America offered many economic opportunities for those who came from the Basque Country.

00:24:00           She talks about other sheepherders who worked for her husband, the different Basque hotels and boarding houses in Nevada and their travel lings throughout Nevada, Idaho, and Utah.

00:28:18           Many Basques wanted to save money and therefore did not travel too much.

Chronicler: Etchart

Interviewer: Gretchen

Location: Golconda, Eden Valley, Winnemucca, NV

Date: 6.30.86

Track 2

Duration: 00:08:51

Language: English


00:00:02           The chronicler continues talking about the Basques that were in the area years ago. Many of them were from Bizkaia.

00:02:00           About how they used to speak Basque.

00:03:50           About the relationship between Basque and Italians.

00:05:30           She talks about the Santa Fe Hotel in Reno.