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Isadore Sara
Gretchen Holbert
Eureka, Nevada

No Photo Available   Isadore Sara

Isadore Sara was born in Eureka. His father owned Eureka Livestock, running 20,000 sheep almost at all times. His mother had worked in the hotels in Reno before marrying him.

There is much discussion in this interview about the range of Eureka Livestock, as well as how sheep were trailed through the range. Isadore's family moved constantly, following the sheep herd. He also discusses the business aspects of sheepherding.

The second part of the interview is about the hotels in Eureka and how they fit into the sheepherding landscape. Discussed are the locations of the hotels, who owned them and when his father (Isadore Sara I) and later his father-in-law (Pete Laborde) owned the Eureka Hotel. It also includes some very entertaining stories about Isadore's father.



Hear Interview (Audio Files in English)
Isadore's Parents, Sheep Business (7:08)
More Business, Eureka Hotels (8:47)

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