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Irene Arboloa, Mary Arla
Mateo Osa
Reno, Nevada

No Photo Available   Irene Arboloa, Mary Arla

Irene and Mary both were born into Reno hotel families. This interview is unique because it is a group interview of both women. Between them they have lived in four Basque hotels in Reno. These hotels are: the Español, the Alturas, the Santa Fe and the Toscano.

This interview covers all aspects of life in the hotels; from family relationships with the herders to what food they served for dinner and the parties they had at the Santa Fe. Also of note are the accurate depictions of Reno as it was 70 years ago, including how the city blocks were put together and who lived and worked in certain areas of town. Irene and Mary also describe who stayed in the hotels and some of the non-Basque hotels in town and how they differed from the Basque hotels.

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Hear Interview (Audio Files in English)
Basque Hotels in Reno (10:40)
Basque Hotels in Reno (cont.) (6:47)
The Hotel Business (7:27)
Social Life in the Hotels, Parties (8:34)
High School for Irene and Mary (9:34)
Languages Spoken in the Hotels (3:46)
Languages Spoken in the Hotels (cont.) (9:40)
The Effects of the Great Depression (8:14)
The Effects of the Great Depression (cont.) (9:44)
Miscellaneous Topics (8:51)

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