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Mary Lartirigoyen
Marcelino Ugalde
Cedarville, California

No Photo Available   Mary Lartirigoyen

Mary Lartirigoyen is part of a pioneering family in the Alturas area. Her parents came from the Basque homeland, met in Gerlach, Nevada; and eventually settled in Surprise Valley, California. Her father worked in the sheep business, while her mother stayed at home in Alturas.

In the conversation below with Marcelino Ugalde, Mary discusses the cultural heritage of the Basques in Surprise Valley. She discusses the sheepherding and cattle businesses, as well as the other aspects of Basque life in the area and her own experiences.

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Hear Interview (Audio Files in English)
The Family Business, Her Parents (10:21)
Mary's Family Life (10:00)
Mary's Family Life (cont.) (8:53)
About Basques in the Alturas Area (10:29)

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