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Vocabulary · Hiztegia
Basque Language Lesson 1 · 1go ikasgaia

aho(a) · (the, a) mouth
ate(a) · (the, a) door
begi(a)·(the, an) eye
emakume(a) · (the) woman, (a) woman

(Note: The Basque suffix a is literally “the” but is often translated as “a” in English.)

eliza · church, or (the, a) church
etxe(a) · house (you get the idea...the house, a house)
giltz(a) · key
gizon(a) · man
herri(a) · town, or people
ibai(a) · river
kotxe(a) · car
leiho(a) · window
lore(a) · flower
mutil(a) · boy
neska · girl
sutegi(a) · fireplace
telefono(a) · telephone
txakur(ra) · dog
zigarro(a) · cigarrette
zubi(a) · bridge

In order to make the plurals, instead of a, add the suffix ak to the noun.
emakumeak, gizonak, neskak, elizak, etc.

hau · this
hori · that
hura · that over there
(Note: “Hura” is farther away than “hori”.)
hauek · these
horiek · those
haiek · those over there

(Note: “haiek” is also “they”.)


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