Monday 1st February 2010

EISCO 2010: 20-22 May, Euskalduna Conference Cente and Concert  Hall (Bilbao)
Morga town of Bizkaia and link to the profile of the town

What is EUDEL?

The Association of Basque Municipalities (EUDEL) was founded in 1982 in order to support the towns´ autonomy and represent their interest at other institutions.

Association of Basque Municipalities EUDEL is formed by the towns of the Basque Autonomous Region, some of Navarre´s towns and some towns of the County of Treviño.

Since its foundation more than twenty years of ago, EUDEL has become a reference of the Basque confederation of municipalities. The Association of Basque Municipalities has set itself up as a valuable and efficient interlocutor towards the rest of institutions regarding the coordination and consensus of public policies.

EUDEL has based on a structure called "net within a net", that´s to say on a net of autonomous field that includes local structures. Hence, it has been created as an autonomous association that defends the 18 year-old autonomy of Basque town councils.

The Association of Basque Municipalities is aware that town councils are important institutions, and therefore, more than being a framework to exchange services, EUDEL has been created as a great asset to fulfil varied functions. In this sense, it is outstanding EUDEL´s capacity to achieve political agreements.

Besides, the Association of Basque Municipalities is an autonomous association and this fact allows the organisation to have its own criteria as well as a projection that is worldwide recognised.

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