Director's Welcome

I want to welcome you to the Instituto Vasco of Estadística (EUSTAT), the public body of the Basque Country that collects, analyses and publishes statistical information about every aspect of Basque society and economy.

EUSTAT, like any other agency in charge of official statistics, has three basic principles: independence, confidentiality and attention to the interest and needs of users.

EUSTAT is an Autonomous Agency of the Basque Government, created in 1986, and ever since that date, has upheld the same standards of coverage and quality as any national or international statistical system.

Every year EUSTAT sells or distributes over 10,000 publications, processes 500 requests to use data á la carte, answers more than 2,000 telephone queries, thousands of consultations are carried out through our documentation service and our web site is used by over 200,000 users who account for almost 2 million visits. EUSTAT is fully aware of the demands of citizens, the media, public administrations, the business community, workers' and professionals' representatives, international bodies, researchers, the education system and libraries, and places at their disposal both its statistical output and that produced by other bodies.

EUSTAT is an independent public service, free of private political or economic interest, technically solvent, rigorous and reliable in the production of approved, unbiased statistics based on objective information. Official dissemination is carried out the moment the work of development and quality control of the statistics has terminated, without any kind of interference. This means that all users, both pubic and private, have simultaneous access to this statistical information the moment it is disseminated, to which end a calendar is set at the start of each year.

The second basic principle of EUSTAT is confidentiality, which means that all the information supplied by citizens or organisations for statistical ends is subject to statistical confidentiality. EUSTAT guarantees that no data will be supplied that might identify or individualise the suppliers of the information and that no other public or private body may have access to our automated files, nor will they be susceptible to be crossed with other data that is not statistical or alien to EUSTAT.

Our main aim is to reach the greatest number possible of users and cover everyone’s needs in the shortest time possible. From press releases or simple printed publications to "on-line" access to our data banks, there is a wide range of types and diffusion of data that enable users to have access to information á la carte and meets all kinds of demands.

For that reason we thank you for PLACING YOUR TRUST IN US, and invite you to delve into this EUSTAT server, where we offer you our warmest welcome. We feel sure that you will find the information that you need

Javier Forcada Sainz

General Director