Press release 29/01/2010


Construction costs in the Basque Country rose 0.4% in December 2009 compared to the previous month

Construction costs fell by 0.3% during 2009

The Construction Costs Index rose by 0.4% in the Basque Country in December 2009 with respect to the previous month, according to data facilitated by EUSTAT. The year-on-year rate for December was down 0.3%, compared to December 2008.


During the annual period (December 2009 compared to December 2006), labour costs increased by 2.4%, whereas raw material costs were down by 1.0%.

In December, the cost of raw materials in the Building and Civil Works sub-sectors evolved in a similar way, with 0.6% and 0.4% increases in the costs of raw materials compared to the previous month in Building and Civil Works, respectively. There were differences between both sub-sectors during the year: Building raw material costs fell by 1.4%, whereas those for Civil Works accumulated a 0.6% increase.

Amongst the prices of raw materials consumed by the sector that experienced the highest inflation rates over the last twelve months were: Oil Refinery (20.5%), Water (7.4%), Non-metal Industry (2.5%) and Furniture Production (1.6%). On the other hand, the raw materials of Metallurgy (-16.3%), Electricity and Gas (-15.3%), Electronic Equipment (-4.7%) and the Chemical Industry (-3.7%) registered the greatest fall in their annual prices (December 2009 compared to December 2008).


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