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Industrial activity in the Basque Country fell by 2.7% in December 2009

Compared to the previous month, November, industrial production in the Basque Country rose by 0.4%.

Industrial production in the Basque Country fell by 2.7% in December 2009 compared to the same month of 2008 in homogenous terms of the working calendar, according to EUSTAT data. The accumulated downturn for 2009 as a whole, with respect to the previous year, was -20.9%.

In December 2009, compared to the previous month, industrial production in the Basque Country rose by 0.4%, once corrected for seasonal effects.


By sector, and following the classification of the major industrial sectors, the evolution of the index for December 2009 with regard to December 2008 showed the following variations: Energy posted a positive year-on-year change of 0.4% and Intermediary Goods were up by 0.1%. However, Capital Goods fell by 10.9% and Consumer Goods were down by 3.7%, due to the drop registered by Consumer Durables (-23.4%), as Consumer Non-Durables rose by 4.1%.

The month-on-month variation in December 2009, compared to November, was positive for Energy, which posted growth of 5.9%, and Intermediary Goods, which improved by 1.7%, while Capital Goods were down by 2.6% and Consumer Goods by 2.6%, as a result of the falls registered by Consumer Durables (-7.1%) and by Consumer Non-Durables (-2.6%).

By province, the December year-on-year performance for the Industrial Production Index was positive in Álava, up 8.6%, while it fell by 6.8% in Bizkaia and by 3.6% in Gipuzkoa. The month-on-month growth rate was positive in Álava, with growth of 1.8%, and in Gipuzkoa, with an increase of 0.5%, but negative in Bizkaia, where it fell by 0.5%.

Industrial Activity balance for 2009

The 2009 balance for the Basque Country ended with a 20.9% accumulated decrease of the Industrial Production Index.

The main industrial sectors registered negative growth in the annual accumulate. Intermediate Goods fell by 25.3%, Capital Goods by 25.1% ,Energy dropped by 6.5% and Consumer Goods, overall, were down by 12.2%. Consumer Durables fell by 27.2%, while Consumer Non-Durables were down by 6.5%, compared to 2008.

The accumulated variations in 2009 for the three provinces were negative in all three cases, with a 23.1% decrease in Álava, 19.9% in Bizkaia and a 20.9% fall in Gipuzkoa.


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