RSS Service

What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an XML-based format that allows users to find the information that best adapts to their preferences, offering it quickly and constantly updated.

RSS files are a new model for obtaining and offering information, allowing it to be shared and seen immediately on other sites. This exchange of information is known as "syndication".

However, in order to share this information, specific software called an "aggregator" is needed, which is to say programmes able to read and interpret the RSS sources or "feeds".

The English term "feed" is used to describe documents with RSS format that can be read by the aggregator or feed reader.

What is RSS used for?

RSS format is used to enable access to web information which is regularly updated, meaning that the user can instantly download the information of their interest as those updates take place.

Any user can subscribe to a feed and obtain the latest news sent to their aggregator or RSS reader, which will alert them when there is new information to be read.

How is RSS used for receiving information?

In order to use RSS and receive content, the user must have an aggregator. There are a great variety of RSS readers of different types. They include, among many others:

  1. On-line aggregators
  2. Desktop aggregators
  3. Aggregators as plug-ins

Once the user has the chosen aggregator installed, they should select those feeds or RSS files that are of greatest interest to them and subscribe to the content.

The Eustat RSS feed is as follows: Canal RSS

The most modern browsers can interpret and show the content of the feed as if it were a website. However, simply with an aggregator all the potential of RSS can be used.