Economic & Social Trends

This section presents all the conjunctural or cyclical operations carried out monthly or quarterly by Eustat with the objective of informing on the economic climate of the A.C. of the Basque Country, paying special attention to its most recent evolution and the outlook for the immediate future.

The conjunctural analysis is mainly aimed at examining the short-term evolution of time series which may represent the overall performance of an economic system (the economy of a nation or an autonomous community) or that of a part of it (a branch of activity). The essential raw materials are the time series, sets of observations on a specific phenomenon carried out at successive moments in time.

Statistical Gazette

Acronym Statistical publication Last updated Next update
CET Quarterly economic accounts 11/16/2009 02/15/2010
PRA Activity, occupation and unemployment 01/20/2010 04/21/2010
ESIF Survey on the Information Society. Families 05/15/2009
ECOMEX Foreign trade statistics 12/02/2009
IVU Foreign trade price index 01/18/2010
IPI Industrial production index 02/04/2010 03/04/2010
IPRI Industrial price index 01/22/2010 02/24/2010
ICIm Retail trade index 11/06/2009 02/05/2010
ICI Domestic trade index 11/13/2009 02/12/2010
ICGS Index of trade by large stores 01/26/2010 02/25/2010
EETR Survey on tourist establishments 01/19/2010 02/19/2010
ICC Construction Index 12/15/2009 02/23/2010
ICCE Index of construction costs 01/29/2010 02/26/2010
ENAC Births 12/11/2009 03/23/2010
EMAT Marriages 12/04/2009 03/12/2010
EDEF Deaths 12/18/2009 03/26/2010