Biographical notes (1998)


David Morganstein is a Vice President of Westat, and Director of its statistical staff. He is a senior statistician specializing in variance estimation for complex sample designs and quality improvement using statistical methods. Mr Morganstein has worked with more than 45 organizations, including statistical agencies worlwide on methods for improving quality. He has taught many courses in quality improvement, including courses at the ASA sponsored Bristol Conference and the ISI meetings, and in sample survey topics such as sample design and variance estimation.

Mr Morganstein is a graduate of Purdue University in Engineering and the University of Michigan in Statistics. He is an instructor in the Joint Program for Survey Methods, co-sponsored by the University of Maryland, the University of Michigan and Westat. He has served on the American Estatistical Association Board of Directors for seven years and as the ASA’a Treasurer for four of those years. He is a Fellow of the ASA and a recipient of the ASA Founder’s Award. He is also a member of the ISI and the International Association of Survey Statisticians.


Johanna Varjonen is Teacher of Home Economics 1971, Master of Science degree at the University of Helsinki in Household Economics 1987, and ph.D. in Household Economics at the same place 1991. Her dissertation dealt with "Simultaniety of Activities in Household Work".

She has worked as a teacher of home economics in high school 1972-1976. After finishing her master’s studies she has worked as a researcher and a teacher at the University of Helsinki 1987-1997, where she has taught Consumer related issues and Family resources management. In 1997 she was hired by Statistics Finland to work for the Eurostat project "Developing a Satellite Account of Household Production".

Her present affiliation is senior researcher in National Consumer Research Centre in Helsinki, Finland, where her research topic deals with the changes in food culture of Finnish families.