C. R. Rao is, at present, a professor at the University of Pittsburhg and Jawaharlal Neheru Profesor of the Indian Institute of Statistics. Honorary Doctor of the Universities of Leningrad (USSR), Andhra, Delhi and Osmania (India) and Athens (Greece), of Columbus University, Ohio (USA), San Marcos University (Perú) and of the Central University (Venezuela).

Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Statistics (UK). Honorary Member of the International Institute of Statistics and of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Member of the Royal Society (UK), of the Academy of Sciences of India. Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (USA) and of the Intemational Society of Econometrics and of the American Association of Statistics.

He has been President of the Intemational Institute of Statistics, of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (USA), of the International Society of Biometry and of the Intemational Econometrics Society. Member of the Editorial Council of Sankhya, Joumal of Multivariate Analysis, Communicatons in Statistics and Theory and Decision amongst other magazines. Author of more than 250 statistical research articles and several books amongst which "Linear Statistical Inference and its Applications" stands out and which has been translated into Russian, German, Japanese, Checoslovak and Polish and which is one of the most quoted sources in statistics work.


Enrique Cansado, Doctor of Mathematical Sciences and Bachelor of Economic Sciences. President of the International Statistical Institute (I.S.I.) from 1982 to 1983. Director of the Interamerican Centre for the Teaching of Statistics (CIENES) from 1962 to 1982. Member of the National Institute of Statistics and Head of the Methodology Section (1943-1950). Professor at the Universities of Santiago in Chile, California and Madrid. Member of the American Statistical Association (A.S.A.). Academic of the Royal Academy of Exact Sciences of Spain. Author of numerous articles and books on statistics.


Vic Barnett is Professor of Probability and Statistics at the Uriiversity of Sheffield in England. He studied at Manchester University where he obtained his B.Sc. in Mathematics and his M.Sc. and Ph. D in Statistical Mathematics. D. Sc. at Birmingham University. Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and of the Institute of Statisticians and Member of the International Statistical Institute and of the Biometrics Society. President of the I.S.I. Task Force on School-Level Statistical Education, Co-President of the Centre for Statistical Education at Sheffield University/Sheffleld City Polytechnic and President of the Statistics Sub-Committee of the Joint. Matriculation Board of the Department of Education and Science in the U.K.

Asssociate Editor of the Royal Statistical Society Journal, of the Joumal of Applied Probability and Teaching Statistics. Author of numerous articles and books on statistics.


Patrick Clapier, research engineer at the National Centre for Scientific Research (CREDOC) since 1974, is the teaching of data analysis at the Statistics Institute of Paris University and has been since 1976.

He obtained his Mister's degree in Mathematics and Fundamental Applications from the Université París XI (ORSAY) in 1972 and the Certíficate in Applied Statistics from I.S.U.P. in 1976.

He has published various articles on data analysis in "Les Cahiers de l'Analyse des Données" and in Consommations", being the author of several CREDOC reports and on INSEE memoranda.

He has participated in various scientific meetings on data analysis in Latin America and he has directed training courses on the theme at the Central University of Caracas and at Mérida University, both in Venezuela.