Félix Saltor, born in Paris, he has lived in Barcelona since 1939. He joined IBM Spain in 1962. In his career in systems tecnique, he became a specialist in data bases in thefield systems center in Barcelone, achieving the position of senior systems engineer. He left IBM in 1986. He resided in San José in California (Santa Teresa LAB. IX-X-1980) in order to evaluate the SGBD, later known as IBM Database 2 (DB2). He was named as internal professor of computer programming when the Computer Faculty of the Politechnical University of Catalonia was founded in 1977, after having occupied various University posts since 1962. In 1984 he became Official Full Professor in the Computer Languages and Systems Field, and in 1986 he became University Lecturer in the same field. As from June 1987 he has been head of the Department of Computer Languages and Systems at the Politechnical University of Catalonia. He is author or co-author of more than 30 technical articles, particularly in the data base field. He has participated in more than 70 congresses and symposiums in 16 countries, presenting papers in 19 of them and being actively involved in another 12.

He is a member of the Statistical and Operative Research Society, Computer Technicians Association, Catalonian Science Association, Association for Computing Machinery (and of their SIGMOD, SIGPLAN and SIGADA), European Association for Theoretical Computer Science. He is the spanish representative in the Technical Committee on Programming (TC2) of the IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing).


Luis Carlos Silva, is Official Researcher at the Higher Institute of Medical Sciences of Havana and Professor at its Public Health Facultv. He has lectured on Sampling, Biological Testing and Research Methodology at postgraduate level in Research Institutes of the Ministry of Public Health in Cuba and Spain. He graduated in the Sampling Programme for Foreign Statisticians at Michigan University, Ann Arbor (1979) and obtained his doctorate in Physic-Mathematics Sciences in Carlos University (Prague, 1982). He is a founder member of the Cuban Mathematics Society, the Cuban Sociery for Health Administration and a member of the International Association of Survey Statisticians (I.A.S.S.).

He has published numerous articles in specialist magazines in various countries and the book «Sampling techniques and their application in Social-Hygienic Research».