David J.Finney is Professor of Statistics and Director of the Statístics Department at the University of Edinburgh. He is a Knight Commander of the British Empire and a member of the Royal Academy. He is Director of the Council for Agronomic Research (Scotland). He has been a student of the distinguished statistician, Professor Ronald Fisher and he was a F.A.0. expert on the Indian Council for Agronomic Research (1952-1973). President of the British Council of University Computer Centres. Permanent member of the Statistics Committee of the F.A.0. Permanent member of the I.S.I. Fellow of the Roya] Statistical Society. Honorary Doctor at the State University of Gembloux (Belgium). Honorary Doctor of the City University, London (U.K.). Honorary Doctor of the University of Calcuta (India). Honorary Member of the Adolphe Quetelet Society. Author of numerous books on Experiment Design.


Francisco Azorín is a member of the Select Committee on Professional Statistics at the National Institute for Statistics and took part in the first round of Conferences on Statistics which were held at the Institute in 1950.

He has been sometimes Lecturer in Sample Survey Techniques at the Central University of Venezuela and Professor of Mathematical Statistics and Probability Calculus at the Universities of Santiago de Compostela and Madrid (Autónoma).

He was President of the National Institute of Statistics from 1977 to 1982, a period in which the Intensive Courses in Survey Techniques with Applications to Household Surveys were initiated. These were especially programmed for Latin American countries. Moreover, in this period various methodological and scientific advances were made by the Administrative Board of the Institute.

He is a member of the Royal Academy of the Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences and a sitting member of the International Statistics Institute, having previously been a member of the Committee for the Integration of Statistics at this Institute. At present he is a member of the Committee on Terminology of the International Association of Survey Statistics. He was President of the Executive Committee of the National Organising Commission during the 44th Session of the International Statistics Institute which was held in Madrid in 1983.

He has led the Spanish Delegation at various meetings of the Commission on Statistics and at the European Statistics Conference at its headquarters in New York and Geneva. Likewise he has participated in a large number of Symposia and Congresses.

Amongst other activities, he is an expert with UNESCO, adviser to the Statistics Board of the Venezuelan Central Bank. On the Economic Commission for Latin America he has been: Regional Adviser on Surveys, Director of the Centre for Economic Projects, and Director of the Statistics Division.

He is a member of the Spanish Society for Operational Research in Computing and Statistics and of the Spanish Society on Generalised Systems.

Francisco Azorín is the author of several books, amongst which is "A course on Survey Techniques and their Applications ", and a large number of articles and papers published in specialised literature.