Biographical notes (1997)


Albert Prat Bartes graduated as an Industrial Engineer at the Politécnica University of Cataluña and received a PhD in Industrial Engineering from the same university. He is currently the University Professor in the area of Statistics and Operative Research. He has worked has visiting lecturer at the universities of Wisconsin-Madison and Chicago.

He is a member of numerous scientific and technical societies (International Statistical Institute, American Statistical Association, American Society for Quality Control). He is co-author of two books and numerous articles on statistical methods concerning quality control and improvement and he has worked as a consultant to several Spanish and foreign companies on these subjects.

He has been in charge of research projects financed by the European Community and is so currently. His research group is part of the Reference Centre for Advanced Production Technologies of the Government of Cataluña.


Pere Grima Cintas is an Industrial Engineer from the Politécnica University of Cataluña and has a PhD in Industrial Engineering from the same university. He is permanent lecturer at the University School in the area of Statistics and Operational Research.

After initially working in industry, he joined the Politécnica University of Cataluña, where he taught as well as pursuing his post-graduate and specialist studies.

He now combines teaching with his participation in research projects and collaboration agreements between Universities and Business on matters relating to quality control and improvement. He has written articles in specialist magazines and is co-author of the two books on statistical methods and techniques in quality management.


Roberto Escuder Valles is the Professor of Economical Statistics and Business Studies in the Department of Applied Economics in the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Studies at the University of Valencia.

He has had several books on Statistics published, as well as specialised articles on the applications of Statistics in Auditing, decision processes and experiment design in several scientific magazines.

He has taken part in various congresses and forums, giving speeches and presenting papers, basically concerned with Applied Statistics in Auditing.

He has led doctoral theses, dissertations and doctorate research projects, has participa4ted in numerous research congresses, as well as giving various conferences and courses, seminars and masters courses on subjects connected with the application of Statistics in the field of economics, principally financial statement auditing, internal auditing, quality control and management, experiment design, and on applied information in several Spanish universities, professional colleges, and public and private institutions.

He is a spokesman for the Harmonised Social Protection Statistics Committee and member of the Work Group of Statistics of Social Protection in the Statistical Office of the European Community (EUROSTAT).