Richard Platek was born in Canada in 1928. Doctor of Philosophy, educated at the University of London and Carleton University Canada. (Mathematics, Statistics, Economics). He is Director Census and Household Surveys Field, Household Surveys Development Division, Statistics Canada, honorary Rank of Fellow of the A.S.A. (American Statistical Association), elected member of the I.S.I. (International Statistical Institute), member of the council of I.A.S.S. (Intemational Association of Survey Statisticians).

He has written close to fifty papers, many of which have been published in books and various joumals. He has developed a Joumal of Survey methodology in Statistics Canada which has achieved an international prominence and he has been chairman of the editorial board of the Journal from its inception. He has coauthored books on: Current Topics in Survey Sampling published by Academic Press 1981, Imputation Methods to be published by John Wiley and Sons, Development and Design of Survey Questionnaire published by Statistics Canada 1985, Estimation for Small Area Statistics publishedby John Wileyand Sons in Oc. 1986, Methodology for Small Area Statistics published by Carleton University 1986.


Leslie Kish, Hungarian born and at present with United States citizenship. Statistical mathematician by profession. In 1971 he was named honorary member of ISI. The Institute which unites professional statisticians from 98 countries and states throughout the world, which has now existed 101 years. In this Institute, Leslie Kish has been President of the Survey Statisticians Section for the past two years. This section actively and dinamically unites nearly 3.000 professional people. Among many other honorary titles, he was named honorary member of the American Association for the advancement of science in 1978.

His books on sampling are known by many generations of statisticians, and he has written over 100 articles in the best internacional statistical methodology journals. He has been statistical assesor in the UNO, UNESCO, WHO... and he has participated in national survey projects in many countries (China, Cuba, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, etc,).


Inmaculada Gallastegi is a Professor of Econometrics at the Basque Country University, she has a doctorate in Economy from the same university and a master’s degree in Econometrics and Mathematical Economy from London University (London School of Economics). She has published various works related to the analysis of time series and other economic themes. At the moment she is also a member of the Basque University’s Institute of Public Economy.