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EzWeb in the Future Cloud

Thanks to the new version of the EzWeb platform we are closer to realize our vision of the future of Front-end. We are actively sharing this vision in forums such as the Service Front-end Open Alliance, the NESSI technology platform and in the Cloud Technologies research area.

From EzWeb we understand that mashups must be one of the base services offered within the Cloud. Understanding this in two ways: first, the Cloud must offer the ability of compose application mashups from basic building blocks (Gadgets). Moreover created mashups, offering innovative functionality, should be exposed like new services in the Cloud. These two concepts, included in what we call MaaS (Mashup as a service ) are an important innovation catalyst in social and collaborative environments like the future Cloud will be. Therefore we consider essential the deployment and integration of EzWeb within a Cloud infrastructure. To reach this goal EzWeb is in close relationship with the Nuba project.

To achieve these objectives EzWeb presents some features that go beyond the mere spatial rearrangement and functional combination of applications (Gadgets). Current version of EzWeb provides several advanced functionalities enabling our vision. In this way a mashup created by any user can become an autonomous web application able to be deployed, embedded or shared among users, both using the internal EzWeb features (through its catalog) or thanks to any other external distribution infrastructure.

EzWeb has also enhanced its facet as web desktop. Now the mashups can also be seen as a classic desktop application where gadgets coexist with their iconified versions. These icons are expanded, manually or automatically, depending on the needs of the user-defined process. In this way we generate a closer user experience to desktops than the one offered by current operative systems.

These features coexist with traditional functions of EzWeb like: Gadgets personalization, multiple tabs and work spaces management, gadget load and application optimization, wizards for creating new gadgets, dynamic establishment of data flows (wiring), advanced user management and policies, catalog/marketplace providing advanced capabilities to allow users (prosumers) to share and create new gadgets and content … making EzWeb the most advanced current open source application mashup of the moment.

We invite you to see it at our public EzWeb service:

EzWeb new version deployment

Today a new deployment of the EzWeb platform will be available at In this version you will find new and interesting functionalities related to workspace management, improving the web desktop aspect of EzWeb. You will also discover new options for the inclusion of gadgets into your workspace.

As you can see we continue working in the placement of EzWeb as one of the best web desktop options for accessing to Cloud Services. And of course as the more advanced mashup solution that materializes the Mashup as a Service concept in the Future of Cloud.

In the server side, gadget developers will be glad to know that functional and security improvements in the cross-domain server have been implemented.

We wil try disturb as little as possible during the installation process.

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EzWeb public workspace viewer

Do you want to share the workspace you are so proud of with everyone? EzWeb has a brand new functionality: public workspaces. You can compose your workspace and share its public URL. You can even embed it in any of your websites!.

See it in action right here below:

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New Videos section available

A new “Videos” section is available inside the “Project Information” subsection. In this section you could find several demos showing the main EzWeb functionality.


EzWeb presentation in Brasil Campus Party 2008

Campus Party Brasil

EzWeb will be presented in the Brasil Campus Party, which is taking place in Sao Paulo from 11th to 17th of February, 2008. Further information here