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The Communist Party by Tom Burns
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 on Red American Apparel tee 
 on Red  threadless  tee 
 on Red American Apparel tee 
 on Red American Apparel zip-up hoody 
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This was made with...
Plastisol ink and a chino additive for softness.
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    About my design
    This design has become my 'claim to fame' so to speak, for it's insane popularity. I knew the play on words that is involved and the communist look and colors of the design were funny to me, but i guess the design sort of hit a nerve in alot of ways to alot of different people, maybe because of the famous historical figures as well. This is definately my most popular design, and it is the one...
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2.95 out of 5
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1,785 people
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Can we see a pic of the back?
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I recently bought this shirt and I love wearing it but I noticed that the red shirt bled rea...