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ConnectBot is a Secure Shell client for the Android platform. Its ultimate goal is to create a secure connection through which you can use a shell on a remote machine and transfer files back and forth to your phone.

Development Team

Two core developers are working on the client, Kenny Root and Jeffrey Sharkey.

We're both idling in #connectbot on freenode if you have questions. If you're a developer, check out details about how the current codebase is Designed.

There are also mailing lists: ConnectBot-users for user support and ConnectBot-commits for development updates.

Vote for ConnectBot!

If you like it, vote for ConnectBot in the Android Network Awards Best Communication App.

Versions for Pre-1.5 (pre-Cupcake) Phones

The last version specifically supporting OS 1.0 or 1.1 is r203. You can download it here for your older phone:

ConnectBot v1.3.

Translation to your language

If you'd like to see ConnectBot translated into your language and you're willing to help, then head on over to ConnectBot Translations at LaunchPad.

Available in Android Market

The latest stable version of ConnectBot is available in the Android Market. You can scan the code below using the Barcode Scanner application to go directly to its entry in Market:

If you want to run the development versions, you can follow these quick steps to getting ConnectBot working on your new G1 Android phone:

1. Enable outside-of-Market applications. Go into Settings, Applications, and enable the "Unknown sources" option.

2. Uninstall any old versions. Go into Settings, Applications, Manage Applications. Look through the list for ConnectBot and uninstall if it's there. or From from your desktop console, type ./adb -d uninstall org.connectbot

3. Install the new version. Open your G1 browser to this page and download one of the APKs shown on the right. Tap on the download when it's done and follow the instructions to install the app. or From your desktop console, download an APK and type ./adb -d install [filename].apk

If you run into install problems

We can't help too much if you run into install problems. Be sure to uninstall any old versions. If you're having issues with "svn" builds, try installing another build. The above process is tested to work on my G1.

If you're still having troubles installing new versions (specifically INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMPATIBLE), there is probably some cruft still stuck in your package manager. Try to re-install the last version you had working, then uninstall it again.

If you run into application problems

Please, please send us relevant logcat dumps when you have a crash. Here's how to get a logcat dump:

1. Enable USB debugging. Go into Settings, Applications, Development, and enable the "USB debugging" option.

2. Install the Android SDK. You'll need a desktop tool called adb that will help you get error logs.

3. Make sure your phone can connect. Follow the instructions here to make sure that adb can talk with your device:

3. Dump logcat data. From your desktop console, type ./adb -d logcat | grep -i connectbot. Make sure it's showing some data, then copy everything into a text file and attach to your bugreport here on this site. CAREFULLY read over the logs for any sensitive information BEFORE posting. You might need to Ctrl+C to quit adb once it stops printing data.

Join us! We're making an awesome SSH client for Android, and have several NewFeatures that we'd like to implement.

Video demo

Check out video showing off new features, including gesture terminals and font resizing:

Here are some updated screenshots on the 0.9 SDK:

And some older screenshots on the m3 SDK:

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