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AndNav2 goes OpenSource PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nicolas Gramlich   
Wednesday, 30 December 2009 12:56

Hello Community,

 you might have been aware of the fact that I recently did not have the time to develop AndNav2 further. (Speaking of the TTS-issues, that caused a couple of Force-Closes Embarassed )

 Due to the fact that I don't see any light on my timetable-horizon I decided to Smile OPEN-SOURCE Smile AndNav2. (This is the moment you are meant to burst out into tears of happiness!)

Within moments you'll be able to find the sources on:

Any help is appreciated.

The Plan

My Plan is that everybody can request control to the repository by sending a mail to me.
To prevent chaos, I'll be the one that pushes stable versions to the Android Market, while all current versions can be downloaded from the Google-Code project-page.

The issue-tracker will be the place where bugs and new tasks being worked on will be listed.

The place for all discussions will be this Google-Group


Best Regards,

Last Updated on Thursday, 31 December 2009 14:34
OpenStreetMap - Help fixing US-MapData (TIGER) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nicolas Gramlich   
Sunday, 12 July 2009 13:49

Hello Community,

 the OpenStreetMap-project, which provides the data AndNav2 is based on, could need your help.

 In 2008 there was a huge import of USA US government map-data, called "TIGER"-data. There were so many streets that they could not be imported manually and a batch-script was used. Unfortunately in some cases the data needs some tiny manual improvement that can only be done by a helping hand, that could be you...

For more information on how to help, have a look here:


Best Regards,
Nicolas & Pascal

Last Updated on Sunday, 12 July 2009 14:55
MapTilePack Creator (TrekBuddy) - Instruction-Video PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nicolas Gramlich   
Saturday, 20 June 2009 13:57

Hello Community,

 I have put together a screencast that shows how to create a MapTilePack using the 'Trekbuddy Atlas Creator for AndNav2'.


Best Regards,

Last Updated on Saturday, 20 June 2009 14:20
AndNavWiki - All you can edit PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nicolas Gramlich   
Thursday, 25 June 2009 06:37

Hello Community,

today we are officially announcing the AndNavWiki ( ), a place of information-retrieval, collaboration and contribution.

We are inviting you to share your knowledge on AndNav1 and AndNav2 to create a Community-Manual, a FAQ, MapTilePacks and many more.

Why? - Because no one knows better how to use AndNav than you.

Anyone can contribute, using their login credentials (create account).

Be a part of it ....

50 MapTilePacks - are waiting to be downloaded - you can even request your own.


If you are interested in the proceedings with the US-server, the forums might be worth a look.

Best Regards,
Nicolas & Pascal

Last Updated on Thursday, 25 June 2009 15:44
Celebrating 100.000 Downloads of AndNav1 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nicolas Gramlich   
Wednesday, 10 June 2009 10:39

Hello Community,

today we are celebrating the 100.000th download of AndNav1 from the Android Market.


100k Downloads of AndNav1


We are celebrating this epic event with 100.000 free Ad-impressions (5.000 per submission). That makes 20 submitters. First come first served. For details on ad-size, have a look here:


  • 250x60 pixel banner
  • Send to:
  • Get 5.000 ad impressions.



  • 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 left
  1. (Easy mobile tweeting)
  3. SocielNetworkingBuddy Lite
  5. Neuro Memory Game
  6. UK Postcode Navigator
  7. - A Hilarious Blog
  8. Musical Pro
  9. Global Change
  10. (Android App Reviews)

Best Regards,

Last Updated on Saturday, 20 June 2009 14:06
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