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We create easier-to-use applications to make them more efficient and profitable.

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We know how they get to you, what they do and how they behave, so as to optimise your results.
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1st. Study

Persuadability in e-Commerce


After analysing 30 stores in the United States, Spain and Chile using 100 factors which define the capacity for persuasion in an online store. These are the results:

1. Amazon, 2.Overstock, 3.Buy

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Persuasive software. Naturally.

After having worked for different software companies – including Openbravo which quadrupled its conversion rates after implementing some of our recommendations - here are 10 core ideas with 10 examples which are worth discussing.

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Persuasive, right from the start

A few days ago, I gave a talk about persuadability in Barcelona, and one of the audience, Alberto Caimi from Acuista – a computer and electronics store – came forward to give me his card.

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