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Weblog Entry Geo openspace
A quick write-up of the geo-open space session held at Plone Conference
Weblog Entry Grok openspace at Plone Conference
Godefroi Chappelle and XX (sorry I missed your name) presented the way of using Grok in Plone 3
Weblog Entry Plone Conference 2009 - Budapest
From October 28th to 30th, the 2009 edition of Plone Conference is being held in Budapest and there is CodeSyntax!
Weblog Entry PloneGov growing in the Basque Country
PloneGov is an international initiative with the goal of getting a powerful on-line eGovernment tool. Most eGovernement needs and requirements are similar and PloneGov wants to satisfy them in a effective and efficient way thanks to its open source project. CodeSyntax is part of PloneGov thanks to its UdalPlone initiative.
Weblog Entry Using collective.captcha in custom forms
collective.captcha provides a simple way to create and verify captcha image and sounds to protect your forms from spambots.
Weblog Entry I can't reorder elements in a Plone folder!
Recently I had a problem in a website we are currently developing to reorder some custom content-types in Plone folder.
Weblog Entry World Plone Day in the Basque Country
Our company office space hosts today the World Plone Day.
Weblog Entry Open Source World Conference Malaga 2008
Weblog Entry Welcome Plone Conference 2008
We landed in the USA yesterday afternoon, after a long-long trip from Eibar. Now we are waiting for the afternoon talks to be started. Welcome !
Weblog Entry Case study: EuskalKultura.com. Improving the performance of a Plone Site
Weblog Entry My Plone doesn't show translated msgids located in a locales directory !!
Weblog Entry How to parse big XML files in Python
Weblog Entry Paster is your friend
Weblog Entry Using Plone4ArtistsAudio in a zc.buildout based Plone installation