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Welcome Plone Conference 2008

by Mikel Larreategi — última modificación 08/10/2008 20:31

We landed in the USA yesterday afternoon, after a long-long trip from Eibar. Now we are waiting for the afternoon talks to be started. Welcome !

We managed to come to the Ronald Reagan Center at 9:00 more or less, got our registration badges and switched on the laptop... but the wifi was down in the main hall... That's the only bug we found in the Conference.

The Conference has started with the logistics information and the Keynote by Alex Limi and Alan Runyan.

Well, we are just recovering from the lunch (mmm, excellent sandwitch!) and waiting for the next talk about Plone 3.1 product migration to start.

More to come later... with photos if we get a stable net conection and upload some photos to Flickr.