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The Open Source Observatory and Repository for European public administrations (OSOR) is a platform for exchanging information, experiences and FLOSS-based code for use in public administrations.

OSOR Focus

 User survey: thank you for your contribution!

The survey, which was launched on three collaborational platforms (,

and to improve our services,  is now closed. We would like to thank those who provided us with their valuable feedback for their contribution.


The results of the survey will be published on soon.

The Team.


New web conference tool from

Dear users,

We are proud to announce  the launch of a web conference service  for our registered users as part of the process to increase the number of good quality services offered. The service  is based on DimDim, an open source software.  Please note, that our web conference service  is still in beta version, and thus is limited to only five users for each session but we believe this limitation can soon be abolished and that it will soon become an efficient tool for all the OSOR communities and projects.

This new service will allow you to discuss, share and collaborate on a more efficient way. You will also be able to show, share and discuss presentations and other documents, collaborate with different tools like whiteboard, public or private chats, talk, video broadcast via a webcam and much more. We would like to invite you to follow the link in order to read more about this new service and how to reserve your Web Conference.


The Team



News Item Two thousand open source applications for the public sector — published on Feb 03, 2010
The European Union's Open Source Observatory and Repository ( as of today is offering public administrations access to more than two thousand free and open source applications.
News Item ES: Administrations sponsor extension of open source network monitoring tool — published on Feb 01, 2010
Several public administrations in Spain are sponsoring the development of Zorb, an open source extension to Nagios, an open source network monitoring tool. Zorb allows users to fine-tune the processing of events generated from the monitored instances, hosts and services. Zorb has just been published on the OSOR Forge.
News Item DE: Rural district uses open source to manage IT at schools — published on Jan 31, 2010
The rural district (Landkreis) Wittmund in northwestern Germany is using GNU/Linux to centrally manage computers usage at eleven of its schools, reports Univention, one of the open source IT companies involved in the project.
News Item UK: Government tightens procurement demands in open source policy — published on Jan 31, 2010
The government of the United Kingdom earlier this week published a revision of its open source action plan. Key changes are on procurement, the cabinet says.
News Item DK: Danish state administrations to use ODF — published on Jan 29, 2010
The Danish parliament and the Danish minister for Science this morning agreed that the Danish state administrations should use open standards, including the Open Document Format (ODF), starting on 1 April 2011. A formal vote on the agreement is planned for next Tuesday.
News Item Management tools for SMEs published as open source by Spain — published on Jan 29, 2010
Comerzzia, tools that can help small and medium enterprises to manage their offices and points of sales, has just been released as open source by Centatic, the Spanish government's resource centre on open source and open standards.
News Item German government publishes XML converter on the OSOR Forge — published on Jan 29, 2010
Genericoder, an open source XML converter, has just been published by Germany's Bundesstelle für Informationstechnik (Federal Office for Information Technology) in Cologne. The application converts lists of csv code into XML files that are compliant to OASIS Genericode Version 1.0, but according to its developers can be adapted to carry out other transformations.
News Item IT: Public administration's portal builder adds business intelligence — published on Jan 28, 2010
The Java Agile Portal System (jAPS 2.0), open source software designed to help Italy's public administration's build specialised websites, is about to get boosted with open source business intelligence (BI) options.
News Item ES: Open Source GIS systems to be used by Spanish Wine makers — published on Jan 27, 2010
Wine makers in Spain will soon be able to use the gvSIG open source geographic information services developed in a large part with the help of several of Spain's public administrations.
News Item PL: Police considers moving to open source — published on Jan 27, 2010
The Polish Police force wants to increase its use of free and open source software in order to cut costs, announces Andrzej Trela, Deputy Chief of Police and responsible for logistics, in an interview in the Police force's monthly newsletter, published on 15 January.
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